Sjoa - Åsengjuvet

Gyro warningNo
Distance8.23 km
Elev. put-in588 m
Elev. take-out459 m
Drop / Slope129 m / 1.57 %
Gauge sourceNVE
Gauge proxyNo
Big water

NVE has changed the calculation of the flow for this gauge. The new calculation will at normal to high flows indicate a higher flow than before. At 351.10-351.13 meters the new scale will show 10-15 m3/s more than before. Below 350.8 it will show less than before. Take necessary precautions when planning your trip.

Inactive - Posted: 2018-08-21 03:26:19

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Map legend

Awareness point, inspection might be necessary.
Play spot
Normally not run or not runnable
Mandatory portage.
Additional information - "Nice to knows"
Toll booth
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